My Services for you! Please Contact me if you have any questions, ideas or wishes. I will be happy to assist you in any way possible. Please take your time to read the following chapters before you place an order. I will do your design. You will recieve your dream design blueprint ready for production, including the Pantone colourcodes required for best results. I will use the official Pantone Colour Finder for that process. Once you submitted your design at it will be made a blueprint which you have to accept before it will go into production. Visit their homepage to find out more about the process and their prizes. Three immediate changes are included in the agreed prize. For example different colours or resizing of objects, also new inscriptions. Does not include redesigns of entire parts of the tag. For any other changes I will charge an additional fee. Just for you Your design is just for you. It will not be given to anybody else for production. You may use your design for other purposes as long as you credit me for my artwork. What if I don´t like it? If you have not already agreed to the final full size version of the tag-design you may reject my design. It will then be transfered to the ready2go gallery and be made available for others to purchase. If you have already paid and recieved the full size version, money refund is impossible. Payment I accept payment via paypal and pathcash in the agreed amount. Payment is due once you have accepted a sized down sample. After payment has been recieved I will mail the fullsize version which you can then submit to be turned into a blueprint. Once your tags have been produced, you need to send 2 tags to me. This is not optional but a part of the payment. I live in Austria, Europe. If you do not want to send 2 Tags to me, please do not place an order. Please always credit me for my designs! You can choose from various options for your personalized Pathtag: Design from Sratch: Do you want a Tag that reflects your job, a special anniversary, your Geocaching name. Or maybe a Tag of your favorite TV show, something linked to Manga or an entire set focusing on a certain topic like for example your favorite dishes from various countries. There are endless possiblities. Whatever it is, I will design your tag from scratch for you without using any pre-made cliparts or similar gimmicks. I can also create a new logo if that is what you are looking for. Send me an e-mail and we will work something out. Prizes range from 25,00 - 35,00 Dollars + 2 Tags.
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Regular Custom Designs: You provide sketches, cliparts, fotos or other elemets to work from. I am not liable for any copyright material. Prize is 25,00 Dollars + 2 Tags. Ready2go Designs: Those are pre-made designs by me and can be found in the Ready2go Gallery. Just let me know which one you like and I will send the blueprint ready Version to your provided e-mail adress once I have recieved payment. Your geocaching- or nickname can be added free of charge. Prizes can be found at the very Tag in the gallery and range from 10,00 to 25 Dollars + 2 Tags.
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