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Please subscribe to receive at least one beautiful Pathtag Set shipped right to your doorstep. One piece a month. There will be 3 Sets of 4 Tags each this year. The first one is January, February, March and April. The first Set is called „ Modern Transluscent“. An outer circle of raised metal, recessed metal and half raised metal plus texture, as well as a transluscent core are the common features of this futuristic looking set. You can order as many sets as you like and you will receive each tag at the beginning of the according month. The next set of 4 will be revealed in March 2022. The second set for this year will be the Card Deck, which came in first place. Votings for the third Set will be valid until April 2022. Set rate for 4 month: 20 dollars each All Sets for 1 year: 55 dollars Please don´t forget your address when paying via paypal.
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