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Grimms' Fairy Tales Club I designed 25 of Grimms´most famous Tales for this Club which will officially be opened on Feburary 1st 2019 but claimes can be made before that. All pathtags will be available at fair 20 dollars each. A Bonus Tag will be gifted to anybody who participates. (bottom row second from left) CLUB IS CLOSED! All Designs sold.
KHM 5 KHM 21 KHM 27 1812 KHM 33 KHM 83 KHM 18 KHM 55 KHM 36
KHM 29 KHM 12 KHM 1 KHM 15 KHM 52 KHM 24 KHM 26 KHM 50
KHM 11 KHM 19 KHM 161 KHM64 KHM10 KHM53 KHM69 KHM49
KHM 133 Bonus Tag
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