Welcome to Pathtag Island Design! If you want to have your very own Pathtag designed from scratch, or choose a pre-made tag from my ready2go gallery, please take a look at my Services for some vital information first. No matter whether you have already made up your mind or are still looking for some answers, please contact me via e-mail any time. For any other grafik design work, please e-mail me! I would love to create your favorite pathtag. Prizes range from 10 to 35 dollars. Feel free to check out my galleries for references or pure inspiration. Please be adviced that the female form tag gallery is R-rated. What are Pathtags? Sample Images of Pathtags by Pathtag Island Design Pathtags are personal trading items or collectables. With 23mm in diameter and 2.0mm in tickness, they are about the size of U.S. Quarter or a 1 Euro coin. Many geocachers around the world love these adorable tags but unlike geocoins or travelbugs their main purpose is not travelling. If you found, or bought one of them check out the reverse side of the tag for it´s unique serial number. This serial number allows you to enjoy the features of the Online Pathtags Community which is free to access for everybody and guarantees a lot of fun. Go to http://www.pathtags.com to find out more. Create and account for free and you are good to go. While geocoins are less than moderately suiteable for creating your own unique coin, pathags are simply perfect for this matter. What are Minis? Minis are personal trading items or collectables. With a maximum of 10,25 inches x 10,25 inches they can come in various shapes and sizes and are not limited to round shapes.
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Sample Images of Minis by Pathtag Island Design